6 Ways to Convince Customers to Take Action

Businesses, including those in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, only make money after people have purchased their products. SaaS companies make money when customers subscribe to their services. This means it is vital to know how to convince people to buy your product. The more people that buy your product, the more your business will thrive. This simple fact means that the most crucial aspect of any marketing campaign is making a “call to action”.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is an action that a marketing campaign takes to persuade customers to do something. A call to action can come in the form of a video, an online article, an audio clip, or any other form. It offers a point of contact to the customer. The goal is sales persuasion to leverage the customer’s desire to buy a needed product or service.

To know how to convince someone to buy something, the marketer must first understand the needs of a potential subscriber. The decision to buy also often depends on the level of commitment the buyer must make.

Commitment and the call to action

When customers need to make a long-term commitment, they usually require more persuasion. However, SaaS businesses will make better returns over time from long-term commitments. This means that they must convert as many leads as possible.

Businesses must guide their clients in making a purchase decision that benefits both the buyer and the seller. We will look at the communication used to persuade customers to take action.

Speak to customers’ needs

Before a customer signs up for a SaaS product they must believe that it offers them value. This can be quantified as the overall benefits that they get from it. Sometimes, the time that elapses between the initial sign-up for the product and the payoff is a long one. When this happens it is even more crucial for the seller to understand what the buyer needs.

SaaS service users are more likely to sign-up for the product if they understand the long-term benefits. Therefore, the SaaS business needs to demonstrate them to current and potential customers. A clear and effective call to action will do this.

Demonstrate value

To persuade someone to subscribe to a SaaS product is necessary to show the value that the product offers. A business needs to clearly demonstrate the value that its product will provide. It also needs to show how it will do so. Businesses are usually not ready to invest in a product or service without a guarantee of tangible returns.

It doesn’t matter if the incentive is emotional or tangible. An SaaS company should make it easy to visualize and make sense of the potential reward. An excellent way to do this is to identify relatable, familiar situations for the customers.

Personalize your messages and communication

Are you asking yourself, “What tricks do commercials use to persuade customers?” One of the best approaches is to personalize communications, especially in email marketing. Companies can use software tools to personally address marketing emails.

These tools allow email senders to use recipient names to make them more personal. Businesses can also work with SaaS marketing experts, Rocket SaaS, to send targeted messages. They can also help in other ways to promote SaaS products.

Use popups to convince customers to take action

Most customers look online to find information about solutions to their problems.  This includes looking for SaaS products. To ensure a business drives sales and pushes buyers to take action, it can use popups.

Tools, such as exit intent technology popups, monitor a website visitor’s mouse movements. This monitors their interaction with the website. When they try to leave the site it can launch a popup with a promotional offer.

Exit-intent popups often prompt action. They can convert website visits if an attractive offer is made. Therefore, SaaS companies can engage users irrespective of the device they are using. They can convert any visit to the website into sales. There is also the potential for further business down the road.

Create a sense of urgency and scarcity

Another great tactic to prompt customers to take action is to create a sense of urgency and scarcity. The vague, and overused “limited-time” mantra does not work anymore. However, a SaaS business can use new and more creative strategies instead. These strategies can provide personalized offers with specific deadlines available to only a selected “few”.

This tactic works miracles because undecided customers often find the right offer hard to ignore. They will want to take advantage of a great deal. This is especially the case if they are worried that they will lose out if they wait. This sense of urgency and scarcity is known as “Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)” and can push buyers to take action.

Offer an engaging customer experience

Nowadays, customers have a high level of expectation where brand engagement is concerned. Exemplary customer service can set a company’s product or service apart from its rivals. This can help complement the high quality of the product or service the business provides.

SaaS businesses need practical ways to engage their customers. The more engaged customers are, the more likely they are to buy a company’s products or services. Engaged customers are also more likely to become brand ambassadors. Their word-of-mouth recommendations will complement the company’s own marketing efforts. This means having stellar customer service can prompt customers to take action and help the business to achieve its overall goals.


SaaS businesses can use different tactics to prompt their customers to take action, mainly by subscribing to their applications. These ways include:

  •       appealing to things that matter to their customers
  •       demonstrating value
  •       personalizing communication
  •       using popups
  •       creating scarcity and urgency
  •       providing an engaging customer experience.

Because prompting customers to take action may be a tall order for some companies, hiring marketing experts to help in the effort may be the best idea.


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