15 SEO techniques to rank website on the first page on Google in 2019

When it comes to any website, not only the content but SEO plays an extremely important role in its success. Many bloggers complain that they are not getting their article on the first page of Google or the rankings are not high. It is all because of the fact that they are unable to manage the SEO right.

Important SEO techniques to rank the website on Google

So, here are 15 SEO techniques for you which will help your website to rank on the first page on Google in 2019.

SEO Techniques 2019

1. Meta Title and Meta Description

Google compares your Meta description and meta title with the query processed in the search engine. For that, one can install the Yoast SEO plugin which helps in building both meta title and description. It will show a green light if the meta title is perfect and matching with the keyword. After getting the green light, you can punch the article and it will surely help you to rank high, for example creating an article on Snapdeal Sale offer then you must use similar kind of keywords so that you can optimize and create the content which is best as per meta.

2. Images must have alternative text

Google checks the search results and compares them with images’ alternative text. Imagine, you punched an image in your article and did not give an alternate text, Google might get queries related to your article but due to lack of alt text, Google can’t show your article first as it cannot see any description of the query in your images.

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3. Try getting backlinks

Now, this is a must-do think by any blogger- getting backlinks. Try to get as many backlinks as you can as it will help you to rank high in Google search results. If you get backlinks from high DA and PA websites, it will surely boost your DA and PA. This will help in boosting your page results on Google higher.

4. Try using long keywords

This trick might not get you humongous traffic but it surely works. For example, there is a keyword called “Best Flipkart Sale” and other is “Best Flipkart Promo Code”, you might get a million results on both but if you are specific in your keyword like in the second one, there are thick chances to rank high on Google.

5. Make your website fast

Users can’t wait for long to see the article on your website- the faster your website is, the more likely it is that the user will spend more time on it. Dull and slow websites irritate users and this is not good for any website’s repo.

6. SSL certificate

Try getting an SSL certificate for your website as Google ranks the website with SSL certification higher than the non-SSL ones. As the SSL certified websites are more secure.

7. Build an AMP version

If you are running a website, try building an AMP version of it. The AMP version makes the webpage lighter and faster as it is just the simpler version of your mainstream website.

accelerated mobile page

8. SEO rich article

Google tends to put larger articles i.e more than 2000 words on the first page. As per Google, the richer your content is, the more are the chances to rank high on the search engine rankings.

9. Socialize your blog

Google checks out how much traffic you are getting from social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. So, try posting your blog and articles at these social networking platforms. This will boost your site’s performance and rankings.

10. Keyword research

Try using some keyword research tools like KWFinder as these tools tell you about the monthly search results on the keywords you want to write an article on, the competition to rank high and more details. Further, you can choose accordingly and prepare an article.

11. Title is the key

You can use adjectives like Top, How to, Best, Awesome, Proven, Advanced, Awesome, Great, Useful in your article title as it is proved that the article titles with these words have thick chance to get searched and rank high.

12. Use anchor tags

You might have seen this a lot when you are visiting any article, there you can see some links which lead to another article on the same website. Using these tags are extremely important as users tend to click them most of the times if your content is good which are good signs for your website success.

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13. Minimal CSS and Javascript

Websites with minimal CSS and JavaScript useless chunk loads faster and performs well too. Tools like Google Page Insights, GTMetrix, and Pingdom helps you to know about that useless clutter so that you can trash them out.

14. Ensure Crawling

You must be aware that the Google search engine is crawling the web pages of your website. Using tools like Deep Crawl and Moz site crawl, you can find out about the duplicate pages, broken web pages, and indexing errors.

15. Be regular in making content

It is the most important thing to do when you are having a website- be regular in making content. The more content you have, the richer your website will get. The richer the website is, the more audience you will get which will eventually boost your website rankings.


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  1. After reading the article, I noticed the mistakes I have done on my website content. And from now I will be very careful in my content.

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