8 Ways To Improve Your Ranking On Google

Today, Google is the definitive search engine that gives opportunities to various businesses and individuals to conduct their business. Ranking on Google search engine results means you have visibility among your targeted audience. The first results on Google rankings receive the most clicks and, in turn, better chances to convert a lead into paying customer. Everybody wishes to rank on the first page of Google, but there is no magic wand to bring your website to that level without effort.

It is also very challenging due to the ever-changing nature of Google algorithms. The truth is you have to dedicate time, creativity, persistence, and resources to gain the #1 ranking. With a bit of strategy and time, you can bring your site to SERP ranking. Here are some tried and tested ways to integrate into your strategy and improve your ranking. These include:

Publish High-Quality Content

High-quality content is the central aspect of Google ranking factors. The primary purpose of searching on Google is to find relevant information regarding a problem. If you have high quality and relevant content present on your website, then search engine considers it worthy of ranking higher. There is no alternative for high-quality content as it acts as the most critical driver for ranking. Quality content created specifically for users results in an increase in site traffic, relevancy, and authority. All these factors combine to form a quality piece of content that increases Google rankings.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks serve as another essential page-ranking factor in terms of technical SEO. Backlinks are the links from authority sites that endorse your content as relevant and valuable for readers. Earlier, marketers used to churn out several backlinks with or without relevancy and gained rankings. Since the release of new upgrades, Google algorithms consider having the quality of backlinks preferred over quantity.

Always put your best effort into finding backlinks relevant to your business or content to attract a targeted audience. In short, incoming links from authority sites bring you traffic and improve search rankings.

Improve Page Speed

Users today need less time to spend in finding their relevant information or solution. It is where page loading speed comes into play. A higher loading time does not provide a suitable user experience and risks increasing bounce rate. If a page loading time is higher than expected, a user considers it better to leave the page. For the best experience, a page should load within 3 seconds.

When improving other factors of your website, optimize page speed for desktop and mobile to increase traffic. Speedy page loading results in a better user experience, and they remain on your site for a more extended period. Ensure the best page speed for a higher SERP ranking.

Positive User Experience

The topmost ranking factors include website visits, page load time, the number of visited pages per session, and bounce rate. All these factors depend on one single element, and that is user experience. Your website must offer the best user experience for the time they spend, or else they leave within seconds. If your website has easy navigation and offers valuable information, then a user stays for long. The longer a visitor stays on a page means they have received a better experience. Improved user experience means more traffic that ultimately enhances Google rankings.

Use Less Popular Keywords

Using less popular keywords is also a method to gain higher traffic and improve rankings. If most of your competitors target a keyword that holds a higher competition, you can easily target its alternatives. Also, add related keyword modifiers to the page title with phrases like best, complete, quality, etc. These modifiers make your keyword phrase long tail and give you better chances of visibility.

Always Analyze Competition

Competitor analysis is an activity that holds a unique position in the marketing mix, and digital marketing is no different. Regular competitor analysis gives you a better view of their potential strategy and their position. Additionally, you gain insight into their link-building strategy and authority sites they target.

With the information at hand, you can follow the same strategy or modify it according to your specifications. Your site rankings can benefit from these analytics by gaining quality links and enhancing user-specific content.

Use Images and Fix Broken Links

Visual representation always gains better attention from readers than text. Add graphical images and videos in your content and use alt-tags. It allows search engines to locate the page, which is crucial for those who prefer image-based information for a quick review.

Besides, having quality links on your website boosts ranking, but having a 404 broken link error brings them down. Identify and fix broken links to keep the readers enticed without hurting their experience.

On-page Optimization

Your on-page factors like design, site aesthetics, mobile compatibility, color schemes all play a part in boosting site rankings. Update all the on-page factors regularly to keep your site among top rankings. You can use plugins available in popular CMS to improve your on-page elements.

Final World:

In the world of SEO, higher rankings top everything else. SEO is all about bringing your site among top rankings and increase traffic. Relevancy, quality, and time management are the key points that play a vital role in site rankings. Consider the above points by one of the best SEO agencies in Houston as the element to improve and gain better rankings.


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