Top 5 reasons why you should start your blog in 2019

Why you should start a blog - How to start a blog

A website is an online resource or a blog that is personalized and designed mostly for self-realization, self-development, and self-improvement.

If you ever thought about how to promote and create brand awareness, the blog is a unique and efficient tool for making your own brand and making money on the Internet. It’s both online communication and finding new friends or business partners.

A personal blog is a method of expressing yourself and to be an expert in that niche, which will pull up big clients in long run.
Sounds easy right? But trust being a blogger is not an easy thing at all.

Nowadays it is very popular to have a blog of their own and almost everyone has it. For people who still doubt whether to create their blog on the internet, we’ll tell you exactly what are the advantages of creating a microblog.

Advantages of creating blog

A blog is not just a CMS with a pair of plug-ins, earnings on the internet, writing articles and cross-references, but also a great way for the author to express himself when his purpose is to draw attention to his project.

The modern world needs every individual to be not just intelligent but also conscious of the things which surround them every day, which are the latest trend and technology.

The blog gives you the ability to keep abreast of new trends, find out about current events and express your reaction to them straight away.

The world is developing every single day, so the personal blog will help you to understand new things and to deal with them.

Do not underestimate the financial reward. If you work tirelessly on your website for quite a while, you may create a prosperous business and make money, working online.

There are several ways of starting a blog for money. It could be the sale of advertising spot on your site or links, paid tutorials or courses, contextual advertising, evaluation of different blogs, or coding. And you’ll meet not just your creative need but also the financial one too.

A blog is an open personal notebook which other people would love to read. It is all about quality reading and talking about the author’s ideas with the audience on the internet.

In this article, we have prepared a list of tips on how to start a blog and top 5 reasons to begin a blogging in 2019.

1. Boost professionalism

Before explaining something about the product to others, you have to describe it on your own. In the process of organizing a future post, you’ll need to scan a lot of sources and discuss the topic with your colleagues. As a result, individual proficiency is the first major step.

Firstly it is preferred to specify the niche and specialization, understand what you are interested in and in the direction, you would like to develop, and according to that, you should select the theme for your specific niche. If you do the same thing as you request to others, your professionalism won’t be questioned.

2. Boost other skills

The blog disciplines you, it makes you plan the day, follow the daily schedule and deal with circumstances no matter how worse they are.

Your blog will help you develop your writing skills, communication, as well as pedagogical skills. This will increase your value on the market and open new wider opportunities.

3. Free up space for new ideas

Listen to yourself and write down each idea or even just a term that inspires you. Later, such notes will function as a raw material for your blog posts.

Writing about things which you’re most passionate about will bring the audience into your domain way more effectively comparing to all those bloggers that are just hoping to speak about the hyped upward topics.

4. Get an online portfolio

A website is a place where people evaluate you as an expert and a person, even if they don’t read you on a daily basis. This can radically improve your career-related contact base. A potential client or partner does not scour in search of your expert articles and portfolio. He’ll open your personal website and form his opinion for a couple of hours.

If people read your individual blog, they start to perceive you like a certain media influencer. They know that you treat the situation with responsibility and attention.

The more real benefits they’ve derived from your posts, the more powerful the confidence.

A fall of a lifestyle material, even if the subject of your personal website is professional, it will allow you to see an individual with whom it is pleasant and easy to work with.

As a result, the conversion of readers to clients will strengthen the association between you and your viewers.


If you have decided to create your own blog, then loyalty and dedication are two keys you need to adhere to. Stay in contact with your readers at the comments, out the questions into the readers and choose questions from them as subjects for individual publications. The blog is your opportunity to show yourself as an open person and discover out what people think about your work.

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