What is the SEO Checklist and how to improve your workflow?

It’s important to get on the first page of Google, but for those few websites that get into the top 5, the search engine world is your oyster. Search engine marketing starts with great search engine optimization, and there’s no better way to do that than with an SEO checklist.

Searching for something like that will return all kinds of results, mostly regurgitated tips and tricks copied from somewhere else and spun into all-new content. In addition, they’re not always as helpful as you’d think.

A real SEO checklist gives you all of the guidance on each step so that you have all the tactics, tools, and know-how to implement yourself. It was for that reason that I sought out SEO Buddy’s 100+ Checklist. After a few minutes, I could already tell that professional SEO marketers put together this list to help ANYONE looking to rank up their website.

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Does SEO Buddy’s Checklist Work?

The checklist package comes with everything you need for SEO, whether you’re a beginner or even a seasoned marketer who needs an updated list for their SEO strategy in 2021.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to SEO that you can easily follow, I highly suggest downloading this checklist.

There are over 100 actionable steps included in the checklist with instructions to help you easily do it yourself or use the standard operating procedure (SOP) documentation included to teach your team and implement SEO.

However, the main goal is to bring in more traffic by improving your content, as so many of these tips relate to strategically improving your keyword research, copywriting, technical structure, backlinking, and much more.

Not only does the checklist go over every actionable SEO step, but the full SEO Buddy package is also way more than just a checklist. It’s like downloading an online course but only the materials that matter.


Can You Reach Top 3 in Google with a Checklist?

Many websites feature SEO strategies from 2010. That was over 10 years ago. Things have definitely changed. With so many different Google algorithm updates, it’s more difficult than ever to reach the top results in Google SERPs.

However, a checklist is a concise way to check that you have accounted for all possible ranking signals and that you’re carefully implementing the best practices to ensure your website will reach the top.

For example, the checklist goes over 100 actionable steps that include:

  • How to Set Up Basic SEO
  • Advanced On-Page and Off-Page SEO tactics
  • Backlinking Strategy & Guide
  • Keyword research
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google My Business Help
  • Google Search Console Tracking
  • User Experience Optimization
  • See how people use your site
  • Hundreds of content ideas
  • Identify and fix problems lowering your rank
  • Image optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Schema markup
  • Site Structure

The checklist is everything you need for a website to be successful and rank up in search engines, but SEO Buddy took things a step further.


Is the SEO Checklist Worth the Cost?

Nothing this good should be free. SEO Buddy still provides a free preview of their checklist so you can see that it’s legitimate and how it might work for your website. The full version is much better and more comprehensive if you’re looking for weekly updated tactics to improve your search engine rank.


The checklist also comes with other documentation that will help professionals, including a 30-day SEO plan, 40+ SOPs, Trello board templates, and a 50+ point content distribution checklist.

Whether you’re in need of a complete SEO makeover for your website or you’re trying to build out a new blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about current SEO with this document.

Who is the SEO Buddy Checklist For?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to improve your search engine rank, this checklist is definitely for you. It’s all about building traffic and how to do that through organic content, as well as learning lesser-known tricks and tools that professional SEOs use.

There are some secrets to SEO that you can unlock with this checklist, and if you’re willing to implement these tactics on your website, you’ll likely see your traffic improve on the best keywords for your niche.

However, this checklist also works for beginners, overwhelmed marketing directors, search engine marketing novices, or even those who want to rebuild their SEO strategy.

Many people who have tried an SEO agency and didn’t see results feel like it’s not worth the time, but there are some real benefits to adding and improving SEO on your website. You can see how to easily set up your SEO and scale up your traffic with some of these advanced strategies.

Should You Buy SEO Buddy’s Checklist Package?

For those who don’t know what they’re doing in search or who don’t have high web traffic, this checklist could change everything in just a couple of weeks.

While the checklist doesn’t include a team of marketers to do everything for you, the instructions are so insightful that you’ll be able to take it one step at a time if you’re not familiar, even with the technical SEO pieces.

If you’re in need of SEO help, then this is definitely the checklist to go with. You won’t waste your time, and it’ll benefit your website in the short-term and long term. 

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